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Welcome to FoodTuristic

We are a consortium of five vocational and higher education institutions across Europe who are passionate about campus food growing, reducing food waste, and circularity of food.


About FoodTuristic

The FoodTuristic project addresses the lack of green technology curriculum in European culinary and hospitality schools, which have traditionally focussed more on gastronomy and hospitality management skills. It is funded via the Erasmus Key Action 2 framework, with the project running from November 2023 - November 2025.

Our project aims to develop digital resources for educators and students in hotel and culinary schools across four partner countries to reduce food waste, develop circular economy skills, and localise food production.


We will develop a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course delivered as a digital bade, a website, a mobile application, and a good practice guide, to address the green skills gap in European culinary and hospitality schools.


Our will reduce food waste, utilise food waste in novel technology composting systems, and adopt new technologies to grow appropriate foods onsite.


The skills developed by project output users will have strong legacy potential and benefit the reduced carbon impact of schools and industry. 


Project Outputs 2023-2025

  • Piloting and reporting on new technologies for food waste reduction

  • Digital resources including a website and mobile application (application available in 2025)

  • Multiplier and training events for hospitality educators, networks, students, and businesses

  • A good practice user guide for culinary and hospitality schools

  • A Vocational Education and Training Digital Badge

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